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Maps of Japan

  1. Physical Environment
  2. Weather & Climate
  3. Human Environment
  4. Road maps
  5. City Maps
  6. Urban Transportation Maps
  7. Tourist Maps

1 Physical Environment

Insert three maps here with descriptions.

My first map shows Japan as a different color to the rest of the Asian countries around it. I got this picture from like this picture because it helps one easily see where Japan is located in Asia.

I also got this map from This is a very basic yet effective general reference map. Major cities, bodies of water, and neighboring countries are all labeled and easy to see. The capital of Japan, Tokyo, is labeled with a star.

This is a relief map of Japan that I got from This map does a good job of showing Japan�s geographic landscape. The mountainous areas are clearly shown through the shadowing on the image.


2 Weather & Climate

Insert maps here with descriptions.

This is a map of Japan from It shows the average yearly precipitation throughout Japan. The table in the corner of the map shows what each of the colors represent.

This map was found on This map shows snow depths throughout Japan, and is easy to understand with the helpful table in the corner to explain the colors. This map has major cities and the Pacific Ocean labeled as well. I was very interested in this map and the website I found it on because I plan on staying in the northern regions of Japan, and they are known for receiving large amounts of snow throughout the winter months.

Because of Japan being a country that has a lot of seismic activity, I thought this would be a very relevant map to add to my trip research. This map was found on This map shows which areas of Japan have the highest probability for seismic activity, and the colors are explained at the bottom of the image. The image goes into even more detail by listing past major earthquakes and showing where the major plates are as well.


3 Human Environment

Insert three maps here with descriptions of population, population density, income, etc.

This map of Japan shows the population density per prefecture in Japan. It goes by square kilometer and the colors are explained in the table of he map. The darker the color, the more dense the population is.

I found this website on an interesting website called This map prefectural incomes throughout Japan. Areas with red, orange and yellow colors rank higher than areas that are green or blue. No surprise here, Tokyo Prefecture is the darkest shade of red on the map. The only downside to this map was that there isn�t a description of what the map or its colors represent on this image. On the website itself though, it not only explains the map and colors, but you can also move your cursor to each specific prefecture and see the score it received.

This is another map from the same Japanese statistical website, Instead of prefectural income ranking though, this map ranks which prefectures have the most convenient stores. It may seem silly, but convenience stores are a cheap and easy way to get food while staying in Japan. I originally assumed that Tokyo�s prefecture would have the most, but surprisingly Hokkaido does. To be fair, Hokkaido is a bit bigger, I was still surprised none the less.


4 Road Maps

Insert three maps here with descriptions.

I found this map on This map shows the major expressways all throughout Japan. This map also labels major cities in Japan. I like this map because it also shows Aomori and Sapporo on this map, which are two cities that I intend to visit on this trip. Its nice to see what expressways connect to which cities.

This is a map of the Tohoku region of Japan that I found on This is a helpful map that shows major roads, railways, ports, and airports. It is easy to read with a helpful table to explain the symbols on the map.


This map shows the Hokkaido region of Japan. As the Tohoku map above, this map shows major expressways and railways as well. This map which I found on, has clear text and a explains what symbols mean in the corner.


5 City Maps

Insert three maps here with descriptions.

This is a simplified map of Aomori that I found on All maps I found of Aomori that had more detail were very hard to read. This map labels main shopping streets, shopping centers, police boxes, post offices, temples, and tourist information areas.

This is a city map of Hakodate, I found this map on This map shows the city of Hakodate and does well to label major roadways an railways. There are areas like Mt. Hakodate, the airports, train stations and lodging that are labeled as well.

I found this detailed map on This map shows roads, rivers, attractions, and much more.


6 Urban Transportation

Insert three maps here with descriptions (bus, subway)

I found this map on This is a map of the city of Aomori, and it labels roadways, railways and tourist sites as well.

This was a map I found on I found this map helpful because it shows major railways throughout the Tohoku region and even shows which connect to Hokkaido. I also like how it shows where Tohoku is compared to the entirety of Japan.

This map is from I appreciate the train maps because railways will be my main mode of transportation. This map clearly shows where railways go, and like the Tohoku map above, one can see where Hokkaido is compared to the rest of Japan.

7 Tourist Sites

Insert three maps here with descriptions.

While this map may seem cartoonish, I think it�s a fun tourist map that shows major attractions in the Aomori prefecture. This map also shows the different routes that one can take from Tokyo to Aomori and how long they would take. I found this map on

This is another simply yet effective tourist map, this time of the city of Hakodate on Hokkaido. This map which I found on, does well to show major attractions in the city. The map has pictures of some of the attractions as well.

This tourist map displays the central area of Sapporo. It�s a bit easier to read than the city map I found of Sapporo earlier. It has a table that explains what all of the symbols represent, even the smallest letters are easy to read, and this map also labels fun areas for tourists to visit as well. I found this map on


Submitted by Davis Clouse on March 1, 2019.